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Verona - Designing Off-Plan Apartments for Sale

a render of an real estate apartment sitting room

I am thrilled to present Studio-little Bold's approach to the interior design of the Verona by Sky high project. For those who may be unfamiliar, Verona by Skyhigh comprises a set of upscale luxury apartments located in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya, offering exquisite studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom suites.



The process of interior design began during the pre-construction phase, often referred to as the "off-plan" stage, which I believe is the most ideal approach for a project.


Why do I see this as the most ideal approach?


Because it enables the interior designer to greatly increase the property's value by making strategic interior design decisions early in the process. This involves proactive planning for material selection and facilitating the seamless integration of architectural and interior elements to ensure that the finished space is not only visually appealing but also tailored to the preferences of potential buyers and tenants.

a render of an apartment interior design


The key to successful interior design projects is the collaboration between the client and the interior designer right from the beginning. This collaboration is essential, much like a balanced scale that requires weights on both sides. In this particular project, the developer involved us early in the off-plan stage to ensure that the final result aligned with their vision while also providing us, the designer, with valuable insights to create a tailored and impactful design solution.

This proactive engagement helped us address three common mistakes developers can make during the off-plan stage:

1.Neglecting thorough market research and demographic analysis

2.Overlooking the importance of functional layouts in favour of maximising square footage,

3.Disregarding the growing demand for wellness facilities and other amenities.

By recognising these potential pitfalls, developers can conduct thorough research to avoid costly design oversights and proactively collaborate with experienced professionals like us to create properties that resonate with their target market.

a render of a residential apartment sitting room with views


At Studio-little Bold, we have a distinctive approach to designing spaces, which revolves around four guiding principles that we communicate to our clients. These principles are BOLD, CALM, ORGANIZED, and FUNCTIONAL. By integrating this style with specific elements from the client's brief, we ensure that the designed spaces resonate with the target market. In the case of Verona, we also used our four guiding principles to design the spaces, so that we not only address the clients brief but also remain true to our vision of creating spaces that positively impact how the users feel and think.



My favorite space of the project is the bedrooms. I admire the thoughtfulness in space allocation and appreciate the architect's attention to defining the spaces just right, avoiding them being overly small or excessively large. While a spacious area is often considered desirable, there's a delicate balance to strike.

The goal is to avoid the space feeling too commercial on one hand and too constricting with awkward circulation on the other. I'm also in love with the design choices Studio-little Bold made for the space. The areas exude a serene and peaceful ambiance, and I believe that the inhabitants will find joy in coming back home to such surroundings.

As for what i think is our standout feature of the project, i would say it's the amenities. The developer's generosity in both the number and size of the amenities is remarkable. In typical developments, there are usually three amenities: a gym, a lounge, a swimming pool, and, if fortunate, a play area.

A render of a rooftop pool in proposed residential development

However, in this development, the developer opted to include a broader range of amenities such as a gym, BBQ/Koroga area, kids' playroom, outdoor seating bar, pool, yoga/aerobics studio, massage room, social hall, and adults' games room.

The vision behind incorporating these amenities is to ensure that the future inhabitants have a holistic living experience, highlighting the paramount significance of the residents' well-being in the developer's vision.




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